What is GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is an internet-based, interconnected network of interoperable data pools and a global registry that enable companies around the globe to exchange standardised and synchronised supply chain data with their trading partner

It assures that data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and compliant with universally supported standards.

GDSN is built around the GS1 Global Registry, GDSN-Certified Data Pools, the GS1 Data Quality Framework, and GS1 Global Product Classification, which when combined provide a powerful environment for secure and continuous synchronisation of accurate data.

Trade items are identified using the GS1 identification key called Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN). Partners and locations are identified by the GS1 identification key called Global Location Numbers (GLN). A combination of GTIN, GLN and Target Markets (the geographical area where the catalogue item is intended to be sold) allows information to be shared in the Network


How GDSN Works ?

There are six simple steps that allow trading partners to synchronise item, location and price data with each other :

1. Load Data: The seller registers product and company information in its data pool.

2. Register Data: A small subset of this data is sent to the GS1 Global Registry.

3. Request Subscription: The buyer, through its own data pool, subscribes to receive a seller's information.

4. Publish Data: The seller’s data pool publishes the requested information to the buyer’s data pool.

5. Confirm & Inform: The buyer may send a confirmation to the seller via each company's data pool, which informs the supplier of the action taken by the retailer using the information.

6. Updates: The seller continues to publish updates to the Item throughout the lifecycle of the product. The buyer should then update their systems to keep the Item data in sync.